NYC VIBES // Jeulia Necklace Review

NYC VIBES //  Jeulia Necklace Review


Hello, love!

A few weeks ago, I was in NYC and let me tell you, it was so hot! I thought I left the heat back in Texas. Subways were beyond hot so definitely gave up and took an Uber a couple of times. My heart is still in NYC though.

 While I was there, I was obsessing over my outfit and this gorgeous Jeulia Necklace! Let’s talk about this brand! It is super freaking chic and they cater from their studio to your home. I hardly wear jewelry because I am super picky but Jeulia got me, haha! Not only is the appearance my favorite part but the price is also very affordable for the great quality they offer. I’ve been trying to wear jewelry more often now! What is your favorite type of jewelry are you wearing right now? Comment below!

xX, Mary


New York City Faves


The Egg Shop


Joes’s Pizza

BCD Tofu House

Night Out in the City

PHD Rooftop Lounge


Planning a Bachelorette Party In Your Town

Hi Ladies!

So, this weekend I planned my first bachelorette Party for Vivian! I am the Maid of Honor, yay! Let me tell you, It was the most stressful yet most fun time ever and I want to share with you how to plan a staycation bachelorette party with your girls. So, of course, I was pretty new at this and did so much research and kind of put different ideas together.


Hotel or Air BNB it

Depending on what you’re doing. We rented an Airbnb close to the city and had a mini party. We decorated the whole apartment with bachelorette decor. It is easy for everyone to spend the night together and not have to worry about driving because you know what happens at a bachelorette, hehe! Plus, it is like a staycation.



Food & Drinks

Everyone brought a food tray and snacks. My favorite part was the Chic-fil-a nuggets, haha! YUMMY! It just makes everything so much easier and saves time for the party set up. Cupcakes are from Doole’s Baking Co and they were amazingly delicious. We ordered  Almond Raspberry and Chocolate. I definitely recommend! I made a Fizzy Pineapple alcohol beverage and it was amazing! Here is the recipe.

Screen Shot 2018-08-03 at 5.46.08 PMIngredients

– One 12 oz of Frozen can Pineapple Juice Concentrate thawed

– One 6 oz of Frozen can Lemonade concentrate thawed

– Four 1/2 cups of cold water

– 1 Liter of club soda

– Assorted fruits such as pineapple, blueberries, strawberries, lime, and raspberries.

– Garnishes such as fresh mint

I am going to make this easy breezy! Slice up pineapple, lime, and strawberries &   literally, pour everything in a punch bowl. Pour liquor amount of your choice (drink responsibly) haha. Taa daa! DONE!

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Nordstrom Anniversary Sale – Top Picks

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale – Top Picks

Hi There!

Y’all I feel terrible I havent posted in so long… Life has definetly taken over me and I’ve been more active on IG and trying to still link outfits. Some of you probably dont know but I work at Nordstrom and you know right now has been insane with Anniversary going on. I love working at Nordstrom because it defintely helps me boost my blog with new content. The downside is that even though I am a card holder I cannot shop the Anniversary Sale until the 20th since I am an emlpoyee but I still wanted to do a sale round up of all my fave products that are on my list.




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My Spring Must-Have​ x JORD Wooden Watch

My Spring Must-Have​ x JORD Wooden Watch

So the spring season is here and new trends are out and right now I’ve been all over wooden watches. How cool is that? I love discovering new brands, especially ones that I fall in love with like JORD.

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Y’all let me introduce you to my spring must-have, The JORD Cassia Series. It is such a unique watch, I am totally obsessed. It looks so cute with all of my spring/ summer outfits. So, the hype is totally real right now.

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What do I love about JORD? I love that their watches are customizable. I got my name engraved and it can definitely make a great personal piece or even a gift to someone special. You can make it as unique as you would like. & that is another reason why it is my must-have.

JORD not only caters to ladies but also men. I’ve been wearing my wooden watch since I got it in the mail and my boyfriend immediately asked me about it. He is about to order the Frankie Ebony & Gold watch. Now it is something he can’t stop talking about, haha. I am totally on board though, I love it.

Giveaway Time
Okay, Y’all I am so excited to share that I am doing a giveaway code with JORD. All entrants will have a chance to win a $100 gift code to use on the JORD site! One lucky person will win, but everyone will receive a consolation code worth 10% off once the contest is over! All entrants must fill out their name and email HERE.

Giveaway ends April 16th at 9pm CT.

XOXO, Mary Alexius

10 Things All Spring + Clothing Picks

10 Things All Spring + Clothing Picks

I hope everyone had a great Easter!

It has been a little while since I’ve done a blog about clothing and I am excited about this one because I absolutely LOVE spring fashion. Not only is everything cute but it is less expensive than buying winter clothes, hehe.


Dress: Socialite Yellow Dress // Shoes: Stuart Weitzman – Nearly Nude

Here are a few of my faves – all spring.

Sooo many great finds but my wallet told me I need to relax…lol but I want it ALL! I hope everyone has a great week & welcome to April.

xoxo, Mary Alexius

How I Conquer My Day – Conquer Coffee

How I Conquer My Day – Conquer Coffee

Hello Hello!

Oops, I almost said happy Wednesday but it is only Tuesday & it is raining… I hate when that happens, but who am I kidding? Everyday is always rough for me, haha nothing new. Coffee is the only thing that makes me feel alive besides my vitamins, of course. Here is how I conquer my day.

I make a fresh cup of coffee every day and I officially found my new favorite, Conquer Coffee. I love that they have a lot to offer. From a single flavor coffee bag, variety/ single flavor pods. You can go from light to dark roast with all the same rich taste. I am always on the go and this is the perfect way to get the best quality cup of coffee instantly, even right at your doorstep. Conquer has prepaid options where you can pay ahead and get a box every month. How awesome is that? AMAZING! It is the only coffee company on the market that lets you choose what you want in your box sent right to you. You can also get 20% off your first order.

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Conquer Coffee was founded in Dallas, TX in 2017 by Stephen Nix. He is a young and brilliant man behind this great idea. His Goal – “Stephen wanted to create a variety-based coffee that could tailor to the individual and offer each customer a superior way to fuel their day—and their life.” says Conquer Coffee’s Website, and so far a success!

Processed with VSCO with a6 presetProcessed with VSCO with hb2 preset

& that is how I conquer my day! Have a great week, lovelies!


XOXO, Mary Alexius

My Way of Relaxing – Mythology

My Way of Relaxing – Mythology

Who else loves having a relaxing day or night in? I know I do. Relaxing to me is a time where I am worry free and not as tense. My way of relaxing is throwing on loose fitting clothes and lighting up my favorite all natural candles by Mythology. Mythology is based in Richardson, TX right outside of Dallas. I stumbled across their page through Richardson Living, one of my favorite pages I follow. They post all of the best food places/ events near me since I live in the area.

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Maria, the owner/ founder of Mythology does such a great job with her candles. They are known for being “Rooted in Nature ➕ Minimalist, vegan soy candles ➕ Hand-poured ➕ Small batch”, says their Instagram page. I am obsessed with the Flora English Rose + Birchwood scent. It is light and fresh, perfect for the spring season. If you love the smell of flowers you are going to be obsessed just as much as I am. This candle contains fresh cut roses and sweet, woodsy undertones of birchwood, cypress, and tonka beans. I am also an essential oil freak and love turning on my diffuser in my apartment and lighting this candle up does the same trick, I love it.


You can find their candles on Etsy and all of their pop up shots are listed on HERE.


Have a great week & I love reading your comments.

XOXO, Mary Alexius