Adventures in Albany, NH

Never did I think I would visit Albany/ North Conway. During my stay in Rhode Island, I went for a spontaneous mini-vacation to hike The White Mountains. I could say it is the most beautiful/ cutest place I have ever seen. It is definitely a whole other world at least for me since I grew up in the city. There is hardly any signal but who needs electronics when you can look at the spectacular views? I recommend the boulder trail if you are ever in the area or want to hike. One thing I learned is hiking in New Hampshire is nothing like our “hiking trails” in Texas. I regret not hiking earlier in the day to enjoy the view. Justin and I rushed down the mountains before dark but I got great pictures.

After our long hike, we went for dinner and drinks at Sea Dog Tavern and that is where I experienced my first Shipyard, Pumpkin Head. I immediately fell in love because I love pumpkin everything! 

The next morning, Justin and I found this cute artsy cafe called, “The Met” in North Conway, a cute little town. They have an art gallery with amazing lattes and breakfast sandwiches. If you visit you must try, “the saco.”

 I hope y’all get a chance to visit. It is definitely worth going. 

 xoxo, Mary Alexius

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