Biker Chic


 Hey y’all on my blog today I am going for the ‘biker chic’ look and these are my favorite pieces that fit the look.

 This Top Shop Moto Skirt is paired with a distressed top (comes in 7 colors) that is so cozy and can be thrown on with anything such as boyfriend jeans. I have been obsessed with the edgier side of fashion. I always find my way back through seasons.

 Quay is an Australian owned family business with a signature of oversized frames. Since 2009 they have been extremely successful and I wanted to share my favorite Quay sunnies. I picked the ‘High Key Desi Perkins’ because they have the aviator look but a bit more oversized and I am obsessed with both, so why not have two in one? Want to shop the post?

 Text “Biker Chic” to (214) 935-2894

 xoxo, Mary Alexius

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