Saranghae (Love) 5 Step Anti-Aging Skin Care Routine – Review

Hey y’all,

I am so excited to be collaborating with one of the best skin care companies in the market right now, Saranghae. Incase y’all didn’t know Saranghae means LOVE. I have been using this 5 step routine for a month and a half and I couldn’t be happier with the results and I am so excited to share it with you. Saranghae is the #1 fastest growing Korean beauty product in the United States in 2017. Asian botanicals are used in this high quality product and that was their goal; to provide the ‘most innovative products with world class experience’, they said and they were not wrong.


This product taught me how to love myself in my own skin and to make me have that glow as if I had a full eight hours of sleep, haha! Being a college student, blogger, full time worker, and trying to maintain my social life is tough. I was tired of looking like a zombie everyday, with that being, the purpose of this product is to heal + regenerate + protect the skin.

Here is a walk through,

Step 1: Saranghae Nourishing & Moisturizing Oil + Foam Cleanser with Truffle Extract & Gold


Okay, who else doesn’t like gold? Well how do you feel about washing your face with REAL GOLD? YES, REAL GOLD! This cleanser has 2 of the most luxurious ingredients in the market, truffle extract & gold. Talk about fancy. This makes not only a great makeup remover but also a great face wash itself. I noticed a big difference in my skin and clear ups.

Video Tutorial

Step 2: Saranghae Deep Radiance Essence + Serum

This serum is designed to give your skin control and keep It from being dry or too oily. It balances your skin’s potential hydrogen level and keeps It from inflaming or breaking out.

Video Tutorial

Step 3: Saranghae Firm and Lift Cellular Regeneration Cream

I think of this cream as a natural face lift and used with all organic ingredients. This magic piece repairs damaged skin cells and helps reduce wrinkle depth and width; I mean I am not trying to do botox, haha!

Video Tutorial

Step 4: Saranghae Focus Renewal Eye Cream

Eyes are such a big part of beauty. Bags are a no, at least for me. This eye cream does wonders and I hardly get any sleep due to how busy I am.

Video Tutorial


Step 5: Saranghae Elemental Essence Mask

This one is also my favorite because it gives me an excuse to relax while having the mask on. It is a lightweight mask to help calm inflamed skin, and enhance your natural color for a nice glow.

Video Tutorial

Overall, I am satisfied with the results and my love story journey with this product was a success. Here is the link to their website CLICK HERE.

Saranghae Innovation + Technologies

Happy Holidays!!!

XOXO, Mary Alexius

Here are their Social Links (This is where you can find our how to use videos!)

About Saranghae:

Saranghae is an award winning Korean 5 Step Anti-Aging skin care routine that heals, regenerates and protects your skin. Saranghae’s focus on natural ingredients and highly effective products has helped them become the fastest growing Korean skin care brand in the United States.

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