My Top Crawfish Spots in Dallas

One thing I look forward to most this time of year is crawfish. I am Catholic and it is the time to fast. I really enjoy Lent because I get to challenege myself yet replicate the sacrifices Jesus went through for 40 days. Every Friday I am going to be eating seafood until Easter Sunday. In honor of that I wanted to share a few seafood spots that are my favorite here in the Dallas-Fort Worth area that are definitely worth trying considering that it is that time of the year, yay! I could eat crawfish everyday & nothing is better than eating it off the gulf coast but I have some great places for y’all locally.

One. Hookline – Plano // Two. The Boiling Crab – Richardson // Three. Rocking Crab – Dallas // Four. Shell Shack – Uptown // Five. Aw Shucks – Lower Greenville

If you do happen to go to these spots be sure to tag me on Instagram @maryyalexiuss. I want to see what you eat maybe I will try it next time. 😉 Also, if I missed any great spots please comment below. I would love to try.

xoxo, Mary Alexius

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