Mary Alexius


I love everything fashion, food, and travel. I like to go from lounge to girly chic from time to time. I am always open to different styles and love to surprise my viewers. I love wearing my best outfits to cute coffee shops, and restaurants. Like my mom said, “life is not always aesthetic so show the real you.”


Hello, babes! I am 23-years-old & based in Dallas, TX. I am a fashion + lifestyle blogger/ social media influencer. I am currently attending The University of Texas at Dallas and majoring in Business Administration/ Marketing. I will be graduating May 2019. I want to go into merchandising in the fashion industry when I graduate and in order to move forward with my career, I needed retail experience. I work at Nordstrom Galleria Dallas part-time as a sales associate/ social media team. I slowly found myself in the atmosphere. I am always around clothing, shoes, and accessories. In my head I was like, “why not share creative looks and styles?” I started blogging in late 2016 and wanted to start a portfolio that way when it comes to internships and jobs I have something to present. Later, I actually enjoyed it and I stayed up all night one day and decided to launch my website to the public, and I am so happy I did. I have always had a passion for fashion, food, and traveling. That is when I made my blog a fashion + lifestyle site. I am still a part-time blogger and try to balance school, work, and blogging (events, blog posts, & shooting) as much as I can and it is very tough but I do enjoy it. Along with this journey I met great people, even people I now call my best friends and I am forever thankful.  I’ve had great opportunities to work with amazing companies and have helped me gain experience for my marketing degree. I haven’t graduated yet but I feel like everything is slowly falling into place. I love that something totally unexpected turned into a job and something I love to do. Overall, I am not a professional writer nor photographer. I have my boyfriend, friends, and 10-year-old sister take my photos on my canon 60d or iPhone. I also pay for iPhone editing applications to edit my pictures but I do plan on getting light room soon. So, anyone can do it. I really hope you join this journey with me and hope I inspire you to follow your dreams.

xoxo, Mary Alexius