I am a southern girl born & raised in Dallas, Texas. I love food, fashion, traveling, & coffee. I am employed at Nordstrom and a full-time student at Richland College majoring in Business Administration/ Merchandising and soon transferring. In April 2016, I moved to Providence, Rhode Island and it was the best six months I ever had. I learned so much about New England I never knew about and I can’t wait to share it with y’all. I moved back to Texas October 2016; home sweet home.

 I come from a large family where everyone is involved and holidays are a BIG deal, including birthdays. I enjoy staying active and on my days off I love finding new hiking spots and enjoying the fresh air. A lot of my friends call me the “app queen” because I have an app for everything on my phone. I am pretty positive if you ask me a question about anything I will tell you, “oh, I have an app for that!” I love traveling and finding unique places to share with my friends.

 Fashion is art; it shows so much uniqueness to a person. It has always been a passion of mine because it fits everyone and anyone can be a part of it; it is used as self-expression. I enjoy seeing people’s ideas so that is why I want to share my blogs with you because I hope someone likes seeing my ideas. Fashion is not about brand or price in my opinion; it is about personality.

 I hope you follow my journeys & and enjoy my blogs.

xoxo, Mary Alexius